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Friday, September 28, 2012

How to start a Website or a blog?

I always wonder how people earn by writing articles & posts for their personal web-site? They also make money by presenting ads on their blogs. Some bloggers make a good amount of money from this. For illustrations writers like Harsh Agarwal from & Amit Agarwal from digital inspiration earn hundreds of dollars every month merely by writing for their own website.
How to Start A Blog or Website

You can also become the most successful & high earning blogger just by creating influential blogs or website & keep updating them regularly.

Anyone can create website or blog & start writing for them. Creating website or blog isn’t difficult task & you can do this task just by following few simple steps. But before we take our first step towards creating website or blog you ought to know few important things.

Requirement to Start a Blog or Website:

A Good Domain Name- To initiate in the process of building a website is to buy a domain name. “A domain name is a recognition thread that describes a territory of administrative authority, control or autonomy on the Internet.”- Wikipedia. So how to decide a good domain name ?

Easy to remember & write is the definition of a good domain name. If you have .com website it’s the best but you can also get .org or .in website as per country precise website. In case you’re creating a blog to aim Indians then .in will be finest for you. Make sure not to use slash or any other special character. The most trusted & top registered sites for cheap domains are network-solutions, or

Web host and  Hosting- To introduce a website or a blog you have to host you’re web-site images, files & data with a web host. Four options are available for you to opt a host.
  1. (Free)
  2. Blogspot (Free)
  3. Hostgator, Premium hosting  it’s the best. (Not free)
  4. Other Free hosting such as zymic
Note:- It is highly recommended to pick BlogSpot if you have low resources for your website, although this is an extremely good website for newbie, yet it has some disadvantages. WordPress too gives hosting services with a large content management system (cms) for blogging. Free hosting is never suggested as they does not endow with 99% up time also the speed of loading is extremely slow. They may eliminate your website anytime  devoid of any cause.

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CMS (Content Management System)- CMS is an extremely crucial element to run any sort of blog or website or e-store. As per your need & specification a large number of CMS is available. A list of some CMS are engraved below:-
  • Phpbb used for forums
  • Jhoomla used for websites
  • Durpal used for websites
  • WordPress best CMS used for blogs
  • NopCommerce used for e-store
  • Zen Cart used for e-store

The Niche or the topic- The most important question here is- how to pick a good niche for the blog. The answer to this question is “research, research & even more research”. Several people have this industry instinct, they get notions for topics based on their website experience and they begin by creating 10 or 15 profit-making blogs at once and in maximum cases more than 60% of the blogs are flourishing. But as you’re instinct does not work so well so you need to focus. If you’re beginning your blog then you must write on niche or topic of your interest or about something on which you have enough knowledge. Maximum bloggers are specialized in 5-20 niches.

Newbie’s are suggested to go ahead slow as it’s a difficult job to maintain all the blogs at a time. Also keep in mind the more competition there is in your niche, the more difficulties you have to face to attain a good position in the search engines. The outcome of good ranking is large number of visitors, hence, boost in the readership. It may consume six to seven months to get a place on Page 1 of Google search engine.

Monetizing via Ads- What will be your income resource? If you want to earn from your blog then Google Adsense is superlative option.

Ads + Paid Content
Associate marketing

Engage a SEO expert and write several exclusive optimized articles on your website or blog each & every day or at-least twice a week. As you’re receiving a good amount of visitors which is practically easy with SEO tools then you require to monetize your web-site and formulate some good amount money.

It is extremely easy. You can produce large number of web-site or blog and can earn ample of funds.


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