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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6 ways To Increase Readers and Visitors On Your Blog

By now as a blogger you must have realized one thing that having large number of visitors is not just enough. The reason behind this is that a large number of guests who explore your web page will switch to a new website without waiting, surfing or exploring more pages of your blog. This situation is named bounced rate. The reverse situation is named readership where more & more wait & show interest in reading your web content.

6 ways To Increase Reader and visitors On Your Blog

The motive behind the need of improved readership is to boost the amount of web page views & this is the absolute aim. Given below are the six highlighted methods to worsen the bounce rate and amplify the readership for your web-site.

  1. Associated Post- The most effective way of boosting readership is to mount the plug in that update the associated posts from your previous updates by providing your visitors with additional information of what they have been hunting for. In other terms, the plug is a simple tool to attain links of your previous posted articles which are enriched with associated information relevant to the latest & current post that you have updated on your web page. One of the finest Plug-in is YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plug-in), which gives us the best results. This is one of the supreme line of attack to get your views put into operation finely.
  2. Internal Linking 6- One of the most successful mode of increasing readership. One will reach Internal Linking by linking older & previous posts with current & relevant articles. When internal linking is done, keep in mind to employ apt tools or manually do it carefully so that you don’t overdo it & formulate the content into irritating one for the reader. Be more balanced & logical while employing internal linking tools.
  3. Popular Posts- As maximum of the visitors coming across your webpage are readers of your niche area. It would be good if you have a section at the side of your web page which scrolls out your most latest & admired posts that has brought you maximum readership. This will also help in boosting your readership. One can also opt for web-sites which are more popular in market.
  4. Update and follow up your topic- To boost the interest & grab the attention of blog readers one must keep his or her blog updated & following regularly. Your blog admires & other readers will surely adore to be updated about the blog topics that you’re planning to write. As a writer you too have to be keen enough to keep your readers updated with the latest information & advancements. So endeavor to gather information on the most hottest topic in the market & be novel while writing.
  5. Switch to another topic when necessary- When you observe that you don’t have much information about the topic you were writing on since long, under this situation it’s better to switch to a new topic. To make maximum usage of the older information or articles that you wrote for back linking or internal linking, is even necessary. In a flow, grab your readers attention towards the new topic & gradually involve them in the discussion. In this manner you will keep hold over your previous readership as well as you’ll get added readership. By this you can move forward with money from blogging.
  6. Stimulate the interest of your readers- To keep your website users & readers busy surfing your web page give your articles or post attention grabbing keywords & titles. Write well & struggle to include each & every small information that can stimulate readers curiosity in your post, this will help in retaining the visitors to stay long at your website. You may also think about advantages of CMS podium together with perked up Alexa standing.

All these notions are effortless, unproblematic and practical that is certain to convey results of amplified readership to your web-site!


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