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Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Drive Traffic For A Brand New Blog?

It is a common disappointment amid bloggers who have recently launched a blog to unearth that there is nobody to comment on posts or are getting subscribed to blog feed. Maximum bloggers quit after a couple of months of not attaining the desired result. It’s not only about content but also about magnetizing traffic and driving more people to the website. A web-site exists doesn’t automatically mean that traffic will come. It all depends upon advertising the web-site in the right direction. Find below few ways to promote your website:-
How To Drive Traffic For A Brand New Blog?

Regularly updating of content

Keep on posting quality content regularly. Initially, you’ll not see many people reading the posts but sooner or later traffic will be diverted. Once public starts reading & appreciating your blog, slowly, more number of people will come up to look at your work. Writing quality articles is not enough, keeping your readers happy, updated and satisfied is vital.

Connect to Other Bloggers & their blogs

Read and follow your fellow bloggers content. This technique has 2 benefits for bloggers.
1. It keeps you update about the competition level in market.
2. Post a comment on the blog you read. This boosts the fellow blogger to check out your blog. Simultaneously, you’ll get a chance to expand your network.

Writing a guest post is another great idea. A guest blog post absorbs welcoming bloggers of the same industry to post on your web-site & vice versa. This is an excellent technique to know other bloggers in the similar niche and aids to fabricate a repute in the industry as well.

Sharing Content on Social Networking Sites

Take benefit of social media sites. Register on social networking websites which are most popular like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, De.lcio.Us and StumbleUpon. Invest some time to advertise your blog on these sites by posting links of the article on your blog. Add social media widgets that will make simpler to share and endorse the content on social media websites. This will magnetize more public to notice, read and comment online.

Link Building

There are lot many methods to build links. One is to exchange links with same sort of web-sites or directories dealing in similar niche. Specialists advise to get links from directories associated to the blog’s niche. Maximum search engines like Google use link weight-age as an aspect when grading web pages. As the links are incorporated in a niche directory, there is a better possibility that they will develop into followers of your blog.

Be everywhere and in every format!

Be everywhere implies: foremost blogs (by inviting guest posts and placing comments on others), a key social media (Twitter, Pinterest or if your viewers lingers on facebook or Tumblr, explore all), various formats (videos, pictures/info-graphics, podcasts).

What’s the need of being everywhere? Cause you, as a blogger, are composing your brand, i.e. your name in the blog world, and a common individual will easily notice your name and your face because he or she has registered you in their brains.


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