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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to boost your Mobile Internet Speed

How to boost your Mobile Internet Speed

Today Internet has become a basic necessity of life. Be it finding any sort of information for a project, Booking tickets for movies or travel, fee movies downloading, online business conferences, all basic needs are fulfilled merely within few clicks, thanks to the boon of internet technology. You can be connected to internet in two different ways:-
  • Dial Up
  • VPN connection or Through Wi-Fi.
So what occurs when abruptly your internet world connection is broken out due to some connection problem or maximum times cause of sluggish internet connection? You experience like flouting everything, possibly because you were in the mid of your movie ticket booking and your sluggish web connection broke the operation that you were indulged in. At the moment, here I will share some simple ways to perk up the speed of your internet connection which will definitely work (as it worked for me personally).

Go and get a Hotspot and get pleasure from faster Speed – The very initial thing that you must endeavor is to unearth the adjoining Hotspot. Hotspot is location from where your web connection is getting circulated as a Wi-Fi connection. So if you’re anywhere close to it, you can bring into play the Hotspot internet on your mobile or your computer. Doing this will certainly facilitate in escalating the speed of your web connection.

Employ EDGE in a properly locked room – EDGE, a simple name for you to say a funkier name to your phone web connection. If you’re connected with EDGE in a closed room which are bordered by walls which are wide, does not permit the satellite signals to get in touch with your mobile. So it builds a hurdle amid you & your internet connection. The but obvious cure for it is that you must always utilize your mobile in the open vicinity, so that you can collect maximum satellite rays.

Use net connection during at night or off peak hours– If you’re work at night, you can utilize your internet on mobile at night. This is cause during night maximum net users sleep and few people uses internet. So you can employ the running connection & use all its speed. But be certain not to disturb anyone.

Keep your mobile advanced
– You must keep the software of your mobile updated. At times, the mobile applications are obtainable which aids in escalating the internet response on your mobile. So you must always remain updated your Firmware, and do remember to check the updates frequently. Also, upgrade the firmware of your mobile as to get fresh settings or mods for your mobile which will aid you in receiving fresh settings or mods for your mobile which will eventually aid to enhance your phone net connection speed.

Buy booster i.e. Antenna – All the tips or ways described above, as you fancy to speak, are free of charge and only needs a simple common sense. But if you still are unsuccessful to use your mobile internet in high speed, you must consider about paying some more out of your pocket. By expenditure of few extra money you can purchase a high speed booster for your mobile phone or in simple terms purchase an antenna for your mobile phone. Antenna aids in receiving the satellite signals more successfully and certainly aids to connect your mobile phone to additional network connections accessible.

Therefore, this was a small list of few helpful tips on how to boost your internet speed on your mobile phone. Give them a try once, if it does not work yet, then you must certainly bring your mobile phone checked by a technician or upgrade your mobile phone or you must upgrade your phone net connection plan or your phone itself for illustration, you can upgrade your mobile or its plan from 2G to 3G to obtain a more quicker and an incredible net speed on your mobile phone.