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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Promote your First WebsiteHow to Promote your First Website?

If you are revolving around a small internet business right now or planning to go ahead with web designing deal, the very first website you develop matters a lot. The way you promote it, response by readers matters a lot along with the question that how much you earn from this? Well, you might be satisfied for a low business with your first website but many are there to lose hope after getting weak response from people regarding the first website, they design.

So, if you are looking forward for excellent ways to design he first website in order to grab public attention frequently, you are in the right way here. Below is the list of top ideas to think about while developing a website. These ideas involve general and SEO deals which should be taken under consideration while web development.

SEO Friendly Domain Names

When you deal to decide the domain name, you should follow the basic rule of SEO system i.e. including the keyword you decide in your domain name and creating the whole phrase as domain name, suggesting relevant idea to the niche of your website.

Identification of The Target Users

Whenever you determine the approach of web development, specially the first one, you should decideb  well that to which group of readers you are willing to target; for ex, academic readers, medical readers, teachers, house wives, teenagers and science students etc. after, you come up to the determination of target users, make sure that the domain name you choose is appropriate to attract your readers. Also, check out the titles of your posts that they are bearing readers’ friendly deals. At last, check out the keywords you select that they are according to the choice of your target audience.   

Right Placement of the Right Keyword

About keywords you insert in the web contents, two things keep much importance that should not be ignored by you. The first is the selection of good keyword and second is the frequency on which you use it. The very perfect idea about frequency is use of the primary keyword once per 100 words. If you are also using secondary keyword, same pattern can be followed along with the use of primary keyword. Wherever you put the keyword, you should be assured of putting it naturally. Ensure about the keyword to sound good while being read under the sentence.

Excel The Work by Being Genuine

If you are really interested to make big name in the web world, two leading things you should keep in mind always while web designing is keep it as simple as you can and always ensure the quality of the work. Websites full of graphics, animation works, flash lights, colorful themes and framing can distract readers from their flow of reading, so keep the designing simple and elegant.  Regarding the contents you put upon, you should be very genuine and perfect to create quality contents. Start the content with original and interesting writing and lead them in the flow with link building ideas.


  1. Nice Tips. SEO Friendly Domain Names is something not thought of. Thank you.