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Friday, October 26, 2012

How to watch Live Television on Mozilla Firefox Browser

Live television on Mozilla Firefox is also for free. No need of any subscription, just install an extension in Firefox to watch streaming channels.

Now you have thoughts ‘What is the utilization of installing an extension when various web-sites are there from where you can watch free television?’. Here I can only say with this extension live television is just click away. By installing this extension you can browse in various tab whereas television keeps on running in another tab.

Where can I find this extension?

At Mozilla Firefox ADD-ONS you’ll find this extension. This extension is known as ‘TV FOX’. Other websites offer limited channels while on Firefox you can watch maximum channels. This extension will offer you with approx 2780 live TV channels for free in just one click. These channels are grouped in category as per your interest and the nation you reside. The channel list is updated regularly.

Download []

Follow these steps after installing TV FOX
  1. Download and install the Mozilla Firefox extension.
  2. You can locate a new minute TV icon besides the address bar. Press it.
  3. A window will launch showing you the channel list based on your chosen category and nation of your preference.
  4. Opt the channel you wish to watch. Now a pop-up window will come streaming with live TV, free.
  5. Double click the window & watch live TV on full screen mode.


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