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Monday, November 12, 2012

Image is something for which everyone gets conscious. An image is a complete outlook of a person. When we talk about a person’s image in society, then it is about his/her characteristics and its impact on the society. And in other way it is the photograph of a person. When we are talking about photograph a very famous quote about it is “A photograph is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

Today internet has become the lifeline for everyone. Social networking sites are wholly responsible for setting this trend. To upload an image on any website is not very tough but it requires a procedure that is to be followed. Even some restrictions are there in selecting the image and also you should be conscious before selecting and uploading the image on the net.

Suppose you want to upload your latest image on a website then there are some points that should be kept in mind:
  1. Firstly consider the nature of the website; either it is a networking or entertainment website or a professional one.
  2. Then select the picture according to the tone of the site. For a networking site the image can be funky with bright colors, party pictures, funny faces anything what you want but if the site is professional then the image should be decent and clear.
  3. When selection is complete uploading of the image is done. For that you need an internet connection.
  4. Open the browser on the laptop or mobile and go to the address of the site, open it and complete the procedure of uploading.
  5. Before uploading save the selected image in a folder and you should know where the folder is saved.
  6. Now select the option of browse photo and choose the option where is the image saved and wait till the processing is complete.
Now there can be two possibilities:
  • First the image can be uploaded successfully.
  • And the second is an error has occurred as the size of the image is not up to the standards.
Now what is this size of the image? A size of the image is the size of the pixels, the unit of an image. All sites have a particular number of pixel sizes of the images that are pre decided for uploading and if the limit exceed an error occurs.

Now, the error has occurred but you do not know how to set the pixel size then not to worry, there are many ways to deal with the problem and they are:

Various types of software that can solve your problem like Google Picasa or Windows Photo Editor through which you can adjust the pixel size.
Install the software on the system [Adobe Photoshop] or get it done through internet [Photo Editor
]  . Or you can get it done by some internet shop by paying them.

So, the three main points that should be figured are: firstly the nature of the image according to the site, then the size of the image by checking at the website and finally the uploading procedure on the site.


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