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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Calling your friends from your computer. Sounds so cool?

This article will prove to you as a guide how to do phone calls to friends & relatives from your computer. Doing calls from your PC is extremely effortless, and is even more reasonable in comparison to any other telecom service providers. This is acknowledged as VoIP (voice over IP). Whatever your reason may be doing business conference call, or calling friends or family, calling from your PC is extremely easy.

How to Easily Make Phone Calls From Your Computer

As there are various providers, you’ll discover conference call providers or Voice over IP providers that will proffer economical calling plans and amenities. When you comprehend how effortless it is to employ your PC as a phone, you’ll speedily choose to use it more than your mobile.

Arranging to Make Calls From PC

As under any method, you’re will require some equipments and you’ll have to arrange your PC to make these calls from your computer. Certainly, there is a need of a computer to make the phone calls. Secondly, you’ll require a microphone so that your PC can obtain and convey your voice, together with a pair of speakers so that you may listen the voice of the person you’re calling.

You can also think about a headset, which holds a microphone and speakers both. This will help in making a private call, therefore, other people present in the room will not be able to hear your conversation. You’ll also require a sound card, but approximately every computers come with sound cards pre-installed when obtained. A high speed net connection is also mandatory, to make certain that your call goes smoothly. Finally, you’ll also require to set up a VoIP program, like Skype.

Choosing A VoIP Provider

After you have prepared for your computer calls, you will need to choose your VoIP provider. A quick internet search will provide you with many different VoIP providers, all offering different plans, packages, and special deals. Everyone’s needs are different, so there probably isn’t a single provider that can satisfy everyone. Check each to find your perfect provider, and sign up for an account with them.

Almost all VoIP providers offer free computer to computer calling, while calling landlines or cell phones may cost a small fee. You could pay per minute, or you can order plans or packages. Again, this all depends on your personal needs. Once you have chosen your provider, you will need to download their specific VoIP program; unless it operates via internet and no download is required.

To successfully end your first call, make certain that your headset/microphone & speakers are switched on and running accurately. Later you can add your friend (on programs like Skype) or add the preferred number. This is a extremely effortless procedure, and can hoard lots of dollars in a long period in contrast to costly mobile phone providers. PC calls are mainly advantageous for conference calls, particularly for long distance conference calls that can make your monthly bills towering.


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