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Sunday, November 25, 2012

3 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog
The world of blogging can provide numerous opportunities for you to express yourself, share information, and even earn money. Creating and starting a blog can be rewarding and a fun experience, particularly if you have got the basics right. A blog has several advantages over a traditional website, with major one being ease of interaction. Here are the major 3 things you need to consider before starting a blog:

1. Find a Niche that’s Popular
The topic that you choose for your blog is very important. After all, you are going to target all those readers who are interesting in the topic you have chosen. Therefore, while choosing a niche, keep in mind the expectations of your readers too. In order to attract more readers on your blog, find a niche that is quite popular at present. Look out for hot topics these days and choose the one that has a vast scope of information. Most people would suggest you that you should choose a topic that interests you, but this may not be the right thing to do every time. No matter how much interested and knowledgeable you are in a particular topic, it may not be interesting enough to attract others, and all your knowledge and information may go unnoticed.

2. Establish Yourself as an Expert in your Field
Whatever niche you choose, you will have to work hard and become an expert in that field. Read some books, research over the Internet and gain as much knowledge in the field as possible. If you are the owner of the blog, you are responsible for clearing any queries from your readers. You will be monitoring your visitors’ activities on your blog, and to do this, you need to be an expert in your field. How knowledgeable you are will surely reflect in whatever you write. Try to say something new in each post. People will come back to your blog only if they find something really worthy there. Otherwise, they can find common things almost anywhere on the Internet.

3. Have 10 Articles Ready to Launch your New Blog With
Before you launch your new blog, have at least 10 articles ready to get started with. When people come to know about a newly launched blog, they will want to check out. But if they find only a couple of articles on it, they are sure to become disheartened. They visit a new blog with a hope that they will find something valuable there. But only a couple of introductory pages may not be enough to grab their attention. You should have at least 10 good quality knowledgeable articles to launch with.

If you start your blog considering these few points in mind, you have more chances of meeting success, provided that your content is good in quality, search engine optimized and spelling and grammatical errors free. Do not forget to update your blog on a regular basis, as your readers do not want to view same matter every time they visit there.


  1. Great tips! I think my blog has changed design and focus a few times since I first started. It’s definitely an ongoing process!