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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Every Website
Must Have WordPress Plugins for Every Website
WordPress is an excellent platform that allows you to post web content over the Internet. Themes, tools, widgets, plugins and much more, WordPress provides you plenty of reasons to select it as your CMS development platform. As compared to other open source platforms out there, WordPress has its own advantages. By choosing the right WordPress Plugins, you can all the more enhance your web posting experience. Some of the must have WordPress plugins for every website include:

WordPress SEO: WordPress SEO is a useful plugin that needs you to select a particular keyword while writing articles, thus making sure that you use that primary keyword all over your content. Requires at least WordPress 3.1 or greater.

Redirection: Redirection WordPress plugin allows you to manage more than 300 redirections, track more than 400 errors, and tidy up any weak points on your site. This can be a great plugin especially if you migrate pages from an old site or change directory of your platform’s installation. Requires WordPress 3.0 or higher.

YARRP: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin or YARPP provides a list of pages or posts associated with the current entry, allowing you to have access to other relevant site’s content. Some of the useful features in this plugin include templating, caching, related feed posts and advanced algorithm. Before you download this plugin, you need to have WordPress version 3.1 or greater.

WP DB Manager: This plugin allows you to repair, optimize, backup, restore or delete database, run queries and empty/drop tables. It supports automatic scheduling to take backup, optimize and repair database. Requires WordPress version 3.0 or higher.

Google XML Sitemaps: It generates special XML sitemaps helpful for search engines to index your blog in a better way. With such sitemaps, it is easier for spiders to watch complete structure of your website and retrieve it in a more efficient manner. This plugin can support all types of WordPress generated pages and custom URLs. It also takes the responsibility to notify search engines whenever you create a new post on your blog or site. Requires at least 2.1 version or higher.

Pubsubhubb: This useful plugin inform people in real time whenever you update your blog. Google Alerts, Google Reader and FriendFeed are already using this plugin. Now, with WordPress, it supports multiple tabs, along with several other attractive features. Requires at least WordPress 2.5 version or higher.

Login Logger: This plugin is useful in logging most recent successful logins for all users, in addition to unsuccessful logins. Requires WordPress 2.5 or greater.

W3 Total Cache: This popular plugin improves your experience by enhancing your server performance, decreasing download times, caching all your site’s aspects and providing transparent CDN integration. Compatible with WordPress 2.8 or higher.

WordPress PDA: This WordPress plugin allows users to view their blog on a PDA. It is supported by WordPress 3.0.0 version or higher.

Broken Link Checker: This plugin keeping monitoring your blog and notifies whenever a broken link appears. Broken links include links that do not work, redirects and missing images in your pages, posts, comments, custom fields and blog roll.

Here are some of the top few WordPress Plugin for every website. They not only save your time, but also increase your web traffic and improve ranking on the search engines.


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