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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA is a digital technology which makes use of spread spectrum techniques, supporting signals from a single phone service carrier only. In layman terms, a CDMA phone is keyed to a single number only and it does not allow changing of your phone number. As most people do not want to change their number often, this limitation of a CDMA phone is neglected for most of the times. However, most people now prefer to buy CDMA phones only, as it does not need you to carry around your SIM card. If you are also looking for a CDMA phone, then here is an exhaustive list of top 10 cheapest CDMA phones in India:

1. Reliance - Coolpad S100: This touch screen phone has beautiful body design, high class functionality and excellent battery backup. Key features include 2.4 inches TFT touch screen and 64MB of internal memory, expandable up to 2GB. You can buy this one at Reliance World Stores at Rs. 4,500.

2. Fly C250: This one has a 2inch QVGA screen with 65K colors and a pixel resolution of 176x200. It has a 2 mega pixel camera, self timer, and expandable memory up to 4GB. Priced at Rs. 4,490, its connectivity includes Bluetooth, USB and A2DP.

3. LG 6400: Having a big 5.8cm screen, this CDMA phone features 1.3 mega pixel camera, wireless FM along with recording, MP3 player, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, in-built modem and expandable memory up to 4GB. In Indian market, you can buy this phone for Rs. 4,425.

4. Movil MC1: This phone from Bling comes with dual speakers, FM radio, TFT color screen, 2 Mega pixel camera, 2GB expandable memory, MP4 playback and MP3 player. The phone comes in Rs. 3,999.

5. Spice C 5300: As this is one of the very few open market CDMA handsets, you have the choice to opt for your desired operator. The phone has VGA camera, FM radio, music player and expandable memory. It is priced in Indian market at Rs. 3,549.

6. Samsung Guru Muzik: Features include 1.63 inch screen, Music Hot keys, MP3 player, advanced mobile tracker, 2GB memory support, 17 pi speaker and FM recording. It is priced at Rs. 3,799.

7. LG 6160: This one has a 3.5mm jack in MP3 player, FM radio, FM recording, torch, Hindi language support, Bluetooth and expandable memory up to 4GB. You can buy this at Rs. 2,649.

8. Huawei C3200: Attractive features include camera with 4x digital zoom, 1.47 inch LCD screen, BREW Lite 3.1 and 65,000 color CSTN display. It is available with Reliance Stores at Rs. 1,799.

9. Micromax C112: It has 65K color CSTN screen, 5 way navigation key, FM radio and loudspeaker. It is available with Tata Indicom at Rs. 1,699.

10. Samsung Super Star: It is one of the cheapest CDMA phones in India, priced at Rs. 1,399. It features 1.5 inch CSTN screen, auto-change wallpapers, speaker phone, travel adaptor, Hinglish messaging and 500 phonebook entries.

Choose one of the CDMA phones from the above list, and you will be proud of your decision for long.


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