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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Money! Money! Money! It’s a rich man’s world. Well, the saying obviously has a point if we refer to the online world today. Years back, people would use internet to just find out information and today, it is becoming the largest source of revenue generation. Are you still wondering how you can add lucrative features to your website? Well, this is how it works.
How to add Lucrative Features to the First Website?
Try to Get a Popular Domain: The domain name has the greatest effect in terms of SEO since the website rankings in the organic search results depend to a great extent on that. Find out the most common searched keyword in your domain and try to get the exact domain. If not the exact, try similar terms. The reason is that this is perhaps the highest paying feature to your website. The nearer your domain is to the searched terms, the minimum online marketing efforts are required. In the long term, when you feel that the business is quite established and you have earned enough, you may even sell the domain at a price that you wouldn’t imagine.

Create Content that Sells: It is hard to believe but most of the users visit websites today of they find the blogs interesting. The more the content becomes popular, the more is the potential response from customers. So, you may sell your products or services better. Moreover, you can add to your profits by adding other text links to your content by entering into collaboration with other business firms.

Leave Spaces For Posting Ads: If you are at a high position in the online world and your users attract loads of traffic, you may want to get started with posting the ads of other websites or business firms. This can be done in two ways. You may either go for PPC or you may go for banner advertising on your website. In both the cases, you can generate considerable revenue as the genuine users visit their websites from yours.

Add Donations: This is one of the recent additions to the existing marketing trends and not many business firms have been following this. The earlier you get into this; the better will be the results in a short span of time. You may add this option with your blogs. Suppose you post impressive content on your website that is very useful and offers exclusive information to readers that makes their business activities easy, you may ask them to donate some amount if they found the information interesting.

Option to sell or rent High ranked pages: This is the most modern of all techniques. Many of the business firms focus on their SEO strategies and they perform rigorous efforts to bring their website amongst the few highly visited pages. When it reaches that level, they may rent or sell the domain to any other business that requires huge traffic generation for a better business start. This is however a long term activity and you usually find an option after you gain a considerable stand in the market.


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