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Friday, November 30, 2012

Google Adsense, run by Google Inc., is a program which allows publishers to serve automatic image, text and video advertisements to their target audience. Google administers, sorts and maintains these advertisements, and generate revenue on per-impression or per-click basis. But Google Adsense has very strict rules and policies and many people end up getting their Adsense account disabled for one reason or the other. Once Google approves you to have an Adsense account, there is a long list of rules and regulations that you will have to follow. If you violate any of the policies or rules, then they will take serious action against you and will disable your account instantly. You may also loose all your previous earnings you made through Google Adsense. So, let us know some tips which can help in keeping an Adsense account safe from being disabled.
How to Keep Your Adsense Account Safe From Getting Disabled

First of all, you should never click on your own Adsense ads or ask people to click on them for whatever reason. Never use any deceptive software too such as automated clicking tools. Google can detect such fraudulent clicks very smartly and it is a very common mistake people make these days. Google has specialized Google Adsense Preview Tool which you can use to preview your ad without making your impressions.

Never change your Adsense code, as this may give a reason to Google Adsense to ban your account. You can change the size and color of your ads within your Adsense account. After making the desired changes, you can just copy and paste the code in your site.

You can place only 3 text or image ads, 2 search boxes and 3 link ads on your website. If you follow these restrictions, your account will not be banned if caught. Even if more ads are placed on your site, they will not be visible to your audience.

In addition to the above important tips, you need to keep in mind some other things too, so that your Adsense account does not get disabled. You should never place your ads on sites that contain forbidden content such as drug related or adult content. Also do not place your ads on sites that contain copyright protected content. Try to receive audience from legal sources only, such as traffic via search engines. Illegal sources may include paid to click programs, which many advertisers use to increase the number of clicks on their ads. Also do not place your Adsense code in inapt places like emails, software and pop-ups. Make sure that your website is high in quality and design, easy to navigate and does not redirect your users to inappropriate websites or web pages. Apart from all these, always post good quality unique content on your ads, instead of copying and pasting. If you find any strange activities on your Google Adsense account such as click bomb, contact Google immediately.

If you follow these simple rules and tips, you can continue making handsome money with Adsense for a long time to come.


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