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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are you thinking about creating a blog or you already have one? Did you know that you can even make handsome money through blogging? Handsome enough that you can even consider quitting your regular 9 to 5 job. Here are a few suggestions which you can consider if you are serious about making money through blogging:
How to Make Money Through Blogging

Affiliate Marketing
People who read your blog are also consumers. They may also be interested in purchasing products or services associated with your blog’s topic. You can place advertisement of an affiliate program on your blog, and whenever a customer purchases an item through your blog, you get a commission.

Allow other businesses and individuals to advertise on your blog and ask fee from them. These can be anything from text links to banner ads. There are other advertising options too available out there, such as pay per click and pay per post. Create an ad space on your blog and receive payment every time a potential customer click on the ads. You can use Google AdSense or other such platforms. The best thing is that registration is absolutely free on such platforms.

Writing Reviews
There are several websites out there which connect individuals and companies with bloggers. Such individuals and companies want to propagate their products or services through your blog. You can post reviews about their products or services on your blog and receive payments in return.

Selling Merchandise
Some companies or individuals may allow you to sell their products on your blog. You do not need to manufacture these products, or pay for any shipping, inventory or any related costs. Instead, such companies keep small percentage of the sales made by you to cover the costs.

Guest Blogging
You are already aware of how to write a blog post, as you are doing it for your blog. So, why not blog for other bloggers, write content for them and receive payment in return. All blogs may not pay their guest bloggers, but some do. With this practice, you can become a paid professional blogger through guest blogging.

Writing and Selling an EBook
If people like your blog, this means that they enjoy reading what you are writing. You are an expert in your blog topic and your loyal followers may like to read your work outside your blog too. Take advantage of this quality and start writing an eBook. Give it an attractive title and write a good description for it, and put it on sale through your blog.

You can see that there are several ways you can make money through blogging. However, if you are thinking that doing this can be easy, you need to think again. As with any other job, you will need a lot of dedication and hard work to meet success. We have listed some of the ways with which you can make money through blogging. But remember, one method that works for a blogger may not work for another. Therefore, you may need to spend some time, try different methods and find the one that works best for you.


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