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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Whether you are a blogger, online advertiser or a professional copywriter, you want a lot of readers and it is important for you to learn some useful SEO copywriting tips. These tips can make your articles rank higher on search engines, thus enhancing your visibility and productivity. While most website owners would prefer to modify their website, others know that changing their website content can really help in getting a better ranking.

Here are a few SEO copywriting tips that can be of help:
  • Remember that search engine spiders never analyze the article content on your website. Their main job is to look for articles which include keywords that the searcher has entered. With this in mind, you need to assess the audience you want to target and make a list of possible keywords the searchers may enter. Include these keywords and phrases in your content and allow the spiders to look through them.
  • It is important to give a creative title to your content. Include the keyword in your title, which can help your content to rank higher on search engines. However, this may not be enough to attract readers. Give a good title to your article so that readers feel encouraged to check out your content.
  • Also keep in mind that you are not writing just to catch the spiders. You need to write a content that should attract real readers. Even if the readers come across your article, they may not feel motivated to read it if it is not engaging. Therefore, write a clear and concise article, which talks directly about the point.
  • The content you write should be free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and structure abnormalities. Your readers will start doubting your credibility if your content is badly written.
  • The length of your content also plays an important role in catching your readers’ attention. It should not be so short that there is no information available in it, and it should not be too long to discourage your readers from reading it. After all, your readers seldom have so much time and patience to read a 1000 words write up. An ideal write up usually has 300 words of content.
  • Link your article within your site. This will help in maximizing your readership and promoting other articles at the same time. Including links of external sites will also provide support and credibility to what you have written.
  • One of the most effective SEO copywriting tips is to use bullets, subheadings and examples whenever and wherever applicable. This will also allow you to include more keywords and key phrases in your write up. This technique will help you to scatter keywords all over your article, making your content higher ranking in search engines.

These are some of the most useful SEO copywriting tips that bloggers, online advertisers and professional copywriters should practice alike. Content created with all these features is sure to rank high on search engine result pages.


  1. For achieving higher Rankings on SERP, Scrapped Content must be avoided. Always write content for users not for Google. Content should make your visitors to read for decreasing site bounce rate.

  2. Good tips. I'd like to add another crucial tip: spending time crafting a GREAT headline! If the headline isn't compelling, interesting and "begging" for attention, most likely the reader will never both reading the content in the first place (articles, ads, press releases, etc). And as you've stated, keyword relevancy is very important. Include the keywords in the headline for maximum returns.