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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Since a website is the stepping stone of your business, it is the point which needs maximum attention. Using HTML to create a rocking website is not a bad idea unless you do everything that makes your website effective. Below are some of the tips and tricks that will help you find the right pathway to success in the online business world:
Top Five HTML Tips to Help you Create A Rocking Website
1. Proper Usage of Tables: The concept of tables though seems to be quite a simple one but it is quite complex. As these tables get bigger, the nesting also increases thereby reaching down to the complex structures and increase the time in which the website pages load. The introduction of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) has introduced a new tabular format for use but most of the developers find it difficult to implement. So, the only feasible option is to use these tables whenever there is the utmost need of their usage.

2. Use the HTML Color Codes: Websites usually look attractive when they are lively and interactive filled with a subtle background that makes it all the more appealing. Now, usually while writing the color code, we write <bgcolor=”white”> but instead we should use the hexadecimal color code like <bgcolor=”000000”> or <bgcolor=”FFFF00”>, etc. The reason behind using these color codes is very intense. The colors in HTML would offer you a small choice if you name them like red, cyan, blue, pink, black, orange, white, and a few more. However, the usage of coded colors will give you an unimaginable range of colors.

3. Effective Linking to Jscript or Cascading Style Sheets: The use of Jscript queries and CSS is quite common in the websites but most of the times, when these scripts are not used effectively, they are unable to load in web browsers that have scripting blocked and the website has difficulty in loading and ends up displaying an error message. If this happens more than once, the user is likely not to visit the website again and this loss is not affordable. So, it is essential to use Jscript code in the comment tag and use it just once for the website rather than loading it each time for a different page and increasing the time to respond.

4. Combine the Common Jscript Commands in One File: The concept can be understood as synonymous with the .Net skin file where one file can be applied to all pages. The reason for this combination is that each time a new page loads, the existing scripts do not have to send the same HTTP request again and again. So, similar files can be clubbed into one which can be called at the beginning of the loading session and the rest page wise.

5. Image Resizing in HTML is a Myth: When you lay the frame for building the website structure, your image may not entirely fit the division. In that case, we usually use the original high resolution image with reduced dimensions. Well, this has a negative effect as the image gets displayed in a small space but its size does not decrease thereby making it difficult for the pages to load. So, images should be resized to the minimum resolution and then used within the code.


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