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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Internet is used as the largest marketing platform in the business world today and in this world, website is seen as the face of business. The development of website is quite critical. However, many business firms have been using their websites as a source of their income apart from the business related activities. So, why not gain resources from all ends? Find out top five ways to design high paying websites here:

Top Five Ways to Design High Earning Websites

1. Emphasize on Usability: When a website is designed, it is always kept in mind that the website is attractive but at the same time, it is user-friendly. This is the reason why various content management systems have been introduced. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and blogging tool and almost three-fourth of the websites have been using this platform worldwide. The themes are built keeping in mind the user-friendliness as well as the management and ease of performing updates.
2. Make a Website That loads Fast: No matter how good a user’s internet connection is, a website that is overloaded with images tends to take too much of your time. If the pages are fast, the visitors tend to stay on your website for longer time and can take interest in reading the content and finding out your offerings. The loads of content, images and other relevant data on a webpage is not a necessity. It is better to keep the content as per the SEO standards and the images though need to be higher resolution ones, it is essential that they be placed while maintaining a proper balance.

3. Integrate Blogs with Social and Other Networks: Blogging is like an indispensable part of business today with almost every organization taking a firm step towards this. You may hire some effective blog writing services to get the professional blogs written. These blogs should have an option to share, like, tweet, etc. so that more and more views are generated from these blogs. The time when the user visits tend to be on an increasing graphical pattern, go for CPM advertising of the pages on your blog.

4. Make the Website SEO Friendly: This is a crucial part since it requires rigorous analysis of the keywords in the content. The links have to be created accordingly so that they are relevant and can be easily indexed. After the determination of keywords, high quality Webpages have to be created with these keywords beautifully placed. This is where SEO activity can start. The more you progress in the online world; the better will be the chance to charge more for the banner advertisement and link advertisement on your website.

5. Include the Option of Private Forums: This is a long term strategy. First of all, you need to start off with free membership and you may post interesting topics and get discussions initiated. Once your forums gain credibility, you may allow the users to post their answers and links to discussions only after they have paid for the membership. PHP BB integration has made the addition of forums to almost every running website quite an easy activity.


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