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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If we ‘ere to go reverse into olden times, then after the age of landline phones the subsequent gadget that we can undoubtedly memorize turn out to be the large & bulky cell phones. The basic use of these cell phones was to make certain communication via calls & messages irrespective of time & place. Immense modification was brought in the physical features of the mobile phones. These modifications fundamentally gyrate around the size, weight, shape and color of the mobile phone.

Antivirus Protection for Smartphone

As the time passed, the need to modify the functional characteristics of cell phone was felt. This was the rise of Smartphone epoch. The Smartphone epoch showcased the requirement of having extra features added to the mobile other than just being utilized as a machine for communication. Since then, a Smartphone has become fashion. Together with, the attacks of virus over Smartphone’s have also amplified significantly. This gave rise to the requirement of setting up antivirus software in your mobile. If you’re a Smartphone user who is puzzled as to which antivirus to choose, then in that scenario just get hold of Bitdefender antivirus.

The two operating systems functioning in Smartphone’s are either Android or iOS at large. Maximum users are happy with Android operating systems or even Apple iPhones as they are available with the best app store. Google Play store or Apple app store for both the users have to get access to a large number of applications. In the case of Android based Smartphone’s, you can get a chance of creating your personal application & upload them as well in the Android market. This is the point when virus comes into the scenario.

First of all, let us make you aware about the antivirus which you can install if you’re using Android based Smartphone. The most sensible step to keep your Android safe is to choose Bitdefender mobile antivirus. This is the best option as this antivirus is jam-packed with four built-in features. These four built-in features of this android phone security antivirus are- application audit, malware scanner, web security & lastly anti-theft. With the help of this particular tool you’ll be able to get rid of four different threats over Android phone.

Now let’s discuss about iPhone. People who are using Apple iPhones don’t be upset. There is solution to keep your iPhones secure too. For iPhones you need to download Bitdefender Clueful App. With this tool you’ll be able to know the facts behind each application, which is otherwise hidden. Also, you’ll be capable to check and can even inspect the apps that you generally deal with. All Smartphone users, who wish to maintain their gadgets virus free, time to sign up with Bitdefender.


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