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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Google Chrome is a popular and very useful web browser which is liked by most for its speed, performance and simplicity. But too much simplicity can be a problem for people with advanced needs, for example web developers. If you are a web developer, then you can rely on useful Google Chrome extensions to complete your tasks and attain your goals. Some of the best Google Chrome extensions that can prove to be of help to web developers include:

1. Google Font Previewer : This is a useful extension that allows users to preview fonts from the Google Fonts Directory, along with styling options such as style, size, shadows and weight. If you feel satisfied with a particular font, you have to copy paste the CSS code and link to your site’s code in order to be able to use the font.

2. Web Developer : This is one of the must-have Google Chrome extensions for web developers and designers. From displaying object information to viewing script, this extension aims at providing all kind of information you require from a website. Some of the useful tools included in the extension include window resizer, color picker and validator.

3. Stylebot : This extension allows you to directly style your website without the need to touch the CSS code. This saves a great deal of typing work altogether. The most significant feature of this tool is its ability of generating CSS code to be used every time you make changes in the website.

4. CSS Viewer: Traditionally, you have to push ‘Inspect Element’ button every time you want to know about the CSS style applied to some element. The CSS Viewer extension helps by lively displaying essential information about the site, including color, font and positioning.

5. HTML Validator : This is one of the best validator extensions over the web which can validate the HTML code of local host or online web page in both manual and auto modes. The extension can also display validation results in a web page or view them completely in a new tab.

6. StyleSheet Reloader : This useful Google Chrome extension allows you to reload your CSS stylesheet without the need to refresh the entire website. This saves a great deal of waiting time, especially if you are a designer with a slow Internet connection.

7. PHP Console : Sometimes, you get bugged with PHP errors but you cannot track what and where they are. This useful Google Chrome extension helps you by displaying such errors and exceptions and debugging messages in the notification form.

8. PopChrom : This application allows a user to define his or her own shortcuts for phrases of text, such as ty for thank you. An activation key is used to transform an abbreviation into a defined text phrase.

9. Chrome Toolbox : This is a useful feature that bring custom features to your web browser, such as form data restoration, shortcut creation and tab behavior modification.

10. SpeedDial : This is a classic extension which can change your Chrome’s new tab into pre-defined visual bookmark with site thumbnails and links. You can also customize it by specifying background, theme and images.

With all these Google Chrome extensions, you can save time and increase your productivity as a web developer significantly.


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