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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recently, Apple launched the much awaited phone of the year- iphone 5 & now Apple has showcased the latest version of iOS6, which is inclusive of approx 200 features such as new Google map, facebook integration, shared photo streams and much more…
Top Updated Features of Apple’s iOS 6

Now this upgraded version of iOS6 is accessible for iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen., iphone 4S, iPod touch 5th gen. & new iPad, iPad 2 but later it is anticipated that it’ll be available for all iOS gadgets.

Top features of latest version of iOS 6-

Facebook Integration-
For all the facebook lovers Apple has come up with the latest version of iOS6 which is inclusive of facebook. In the last version of iOS Apple incorporated twitter but this time facebook too is added. This will help users to upload all their photos to their profile just by using camera app & the best out of all is that you need to login facebook account once & you can use all its features without signing in repeatedly. Another vital feature of this version is that all facebook events are upgraded in your device calendar automatically.

Apple’s Own Map-
Everyone is very well aware of the news that Apple & Google has broken up their partnership, hence Apple made the largest modification in its upgraded version of iOS. Since the broke up Apple is not utilizing Google map, hence Apple launched its own new map. The best feature of this map is that it brings turn-by-turn navigation & also provides real time traffic news. Another interesting aspect of this map is that there is an app known as Flyover. This will assist you in locating major metro cities from the air & the view is interactive as well as 3D.

Shared Photo Stream Feature-
One of the principle improvements done in Apple’s iOS 6 is the addition of Shared photo stream feature. With this feature you can share your pics with a number of people merely by choosing the pics from the app & just tab the share button. Friends who are using photo app or iPhoto will get all these pics immediately.

Updating Mail & Safari-
Apple has launched fresh version named as iCloud Tab which keeps a track of what web-page you browsed on your device & with this feature you can easily pick up whatever page you were viewing which was interrupted cause of whatever reason. This is one of the best features of this iOS 6 version which will give you an improved web surfing experience. Another best element of Safari is that now you can save full website pages to read later while offline.

Enhanced & upgraded app Store-
Apple has improvised the app store too in the latest version (iOS 6). With his improved app store you can get more information regarding the latest apps & the finest characteristic of this update is that you have no need to enter a password for latest app news.


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