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Sunday, December 2, 2012

For the web world I am listing below 5 top free web developer tools which will assist you in debugging the errors & testing out the application. As web world is growing like leaps & bounds there are numerous web tools available free of charge as well as at premium services.
Top 5 Free Web Developer Tools

1. Browsershots is a web tool basically designed for web developers who cross check the websites with different browsers in a solo site; also there is no need to download all the browsers to examine sites. Browsershots itself has various browsers installed from server end, when any URL is typed to test, it sends request to load the URL in various browsers & offers the test results visually in thumbnail size. One can cross check browser test & its compatibility by visiting this URL-

2. Net2ftp is a tool based on web for live online file transfer protocol (FTP) client application written by PHP program. Bringing this into play you can logon to any server with proper authentication. There are choices to give while logging in about login ID & directory selection. All its features are similar to online FTP client such as- FileZilla. Visit this website to use this application-

3. WAMP server application is a web development podium for windows platform to fashion a web-page within your local host computer. This will create your computer as a server with the aid of MySQL, PHP Engine tools & Apache. In simple terms it acts as a test drive, one can use this application to create your WebPages within your PC & test locally. It’s accessible in various different languages & includes some extra features such as- FTP option, changeover status, accessing files & setting and more. Visit the website & download the application from here-

4. Pixlr is a tool based on web, it is a cloud application used for photo editing tool online. This aids in editing & modifying any picture if you desire. Cause of its remote practice this web application is mostly used 7 liked by web developers. It also includes a range of services like Pixlr-o-Matic, Pixlr Express, photo editor & Pixlr Immio to create your customization more improved. The support & valuable services provided by the application is extremely good. One can easily check out their amenities by visiting their home page at All their amenities are powered by Autodesk Corporation.

5. W3C Markup Validation Service is another tool based on web to validate the coding of webpage; it even examines the markup validity on XHTML, HTML, MathML, SMIL, etc. If you desire to validate any specific webpage content like CSS stylesheets or RSS/Atom feeds or want to search broken links, there are various other validators as well as tools accessible. This open source program is hosted with the aid of HP’s contribution. The main task of this application is to report the errors located in markup validity of the webpage. Visit the website & check this application-


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