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Saturday, January 5, 2013

There may be a multitude of ways with which you can optimize your website and attract more visitors. But how do you know whether your efforts are meeting the desired results or not. You also need to gain more information about your site’s visitors so that you can take effective steps to meet their expectations. After all, it is significant to monitor your visitor’s movements inside your website. By doing this, you will be able to know which part of the website is most visited by your potential customers and audience, and where they stay longer. Monitoring your website’s visitors is like receiving feedback from your customers. This can help you in improving your website more as per the preferences of your visitors.
5 Things You NEED to Know About Your Website Visitors

How Many Visits and Unique Visitors

Unique visitor is a single person who visits your website for as many times. For instance, a unique visitor may visit your website several times within a number of days. Unique visitors generally mean unique IP address. By knowing the number of unique visitors to your site, you can know how many loyal readers you have and what they expect from your site.

How Long People are Sticking Around

You also need to know for how long your visitors are sticking around on your site. Your meta tags and title tags may be attractive enough to entice readers to visit your site. But the content inside your website should be high in quality and engaging enough to hold your audience. The visitors may visit your site in search for useful information. But if they do not find anything worthy on your site, they may decide to click away. They may also click away in case your web pages take too long to load. Therefore, your web content should be informative, high in quality and light enough to load quickly.

Where in The World Your Visitors Come From

Knowing the geographical location of your visitors can tremendously help you in making changes to your site and optimizing it as per the requirements, preferences and expectations of your potential visitors. There are different trends and fashions in every country, and you can optimize your website as per your visitors’ geographical location.

Traffic Referral Sources

You need to know which sources are referring visitors to your website, so that you can work more efficiently to improve them. For example, if your visitors are directed to your site from a particular site’s link, then you may consider backlinking to more of such sites.


Knowing which devices your visitors are using to visit your site can also help in understanding your visitors’ needs and expectations. For example, your web-based site will not open as efficiently on a mobile phone as a mobile-based website. Therefore, in order to make browsing experience faster and easier for your visitors, you need to know which devices your visitors are using.

By knowing all this information about your website visitors, you can make changes in your site, track your progress and know whether your efforts are giving fruits or not.


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