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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Believe it or not, there is a huge number of bloggers who have been blogging for several years but have not been able to earn enough amount of money till now. When a blogger starts a blog, he or she has high hopes or success. After all, they want to garner good results from the hard work they are going to put into their blog. But unfortunately, they end up with having no visitors, even if they have good quality informative content on their blog. Here are a few tips that can help you in getting results from your blog very soon:
Hosting your blog on your domain: If you are planning to make your blog a long term marketing device, then blogging platform like TypePad and BlogSpot may not be the right choice for you. Although such platforms are user-friendly and successful, they cannot represent professionalism and you also do not have your own URL. Platforms like WordPress allow you to have your own domain, which can be a wiser choice for a blogger. If you have a domain of your own, you have the freedom to select your platform.

Publishing posts at balanced pace: It is important to keep your blog updated, but some bloggers publish too many posts within a short period of time. You need to understand that your potential readers may be busy and you should give them enough time to read your posts. If you post too frequently, your readers may miss some of your posts and this may break the chain.

Claiming blog through Technorati: If you want to promote a product or service with your blog, Technorati can give you the additional traffic boost you might be looking for. Even if your blog aims at sharing information, Technorati can help in making it more popular and increasing traffic.

Allowing comments: Once you have created your blog and shared posts, ask the readers to share thoughts and comment on what they have read. In this way, you will get to know what other people have to say, what shortcoming your blog might have and what you can do to make your blog more successful.

Changing ‘About Us’ on WordPress: If you are using WordPress to serve as your blogging platform, use its ‘About Us’ page to give some information about your company or niche.

Monetizing your blog: Even if you are blogging just to enjoy, do not do it for free. If you are blogging to share some valuable information in your niche, you can consider placing an affiliate program like AdSense and Amazon on your side bar. As they will appear with each new post, you get an opportunity to earn money with every post.

Take care of your blog’s content: Your blog’s content is of utmost importance as far as gaining and maintaining traffic is concerned. Your content should be rich in keywords and free from any grammar and spelling errors, should have a good structure and be visually appealing, and should open up fast.

If you follow these tips while blogging, you will very soon join ranks of most successful bloggers out there.