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Monday, August 5, 2013

Almost every blogger faces lack of great blogging ideas at one time or other. Sometimes, you want some quick, easy but good quality idea to write on. In such situations, here are 5 easy but great post ideas which can help you in creating a good blog post within a short period of time:

5 Easy Great Post Ideas

1. The Devil’s Advocate Post: If you generally write post in support of a particular idea. This time, consider flipping it around and write from the other person’s point of view. Try to mention arguments and have a perspective from the opposite side. Your point should be mostly to represent the opposite side in a manner that they can understand it better. This may be a risky task to do, especially if most of your audience follows your current point of view. But you need to clear it beforehand what you are trying to do, and such posts will surely attract lot of discussion and comments.

2. Top 5, 7 or 10 list: Find out what your audience is particularly interested in within your blog. Remember, your top 10 list does not necessarily need to be top best, it can be top worst list too. Just put the things in order and give your audience something to debate and think about. The best thing about such posts is that they can be a great platform to include links, directing readers who do not generally visit your blog. Such posts are not only easy, but they also have value to grow your presence.

3. How to post: If you know how to do a task that others don’t, you can write a post to describe it. Such posts are a great platform to include step-by-step instructions, video and images. Even if you think that most people already know how to do it, you will be surprised to find how many people do not know and such posts can be helpful for such people. As ‘how to’ is a common search term, such posts can also be helpful in increasing your search engine rank.

4. Review post: If you recently bought a product, you can post its review on its blog. People regularly search for reviews, especially when they want to buy that product. Therefore, such post can be quite compelling in attracting search engine spiders.

5. Anecdote: If you have a story to tell, tell it on your blog. Focus on a tiny incident or conversation that recently happened. Keep your post short and compelling. Do not make it personal, not even philosophically. Such posts are a great way to connect with your audience in a different way.

If you want a quick idea to post about, use one of these ideas to get going. Even if you already have an idea to write about, you can structure it in the manner of any of these ideas. When you run short of ideas, these great post ideas can come to your rescue and give you something to write on.


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