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Monday, November 2, 2015

Creating a blog is a child’s job these days, as you just need to setup an account, choose a niche, write posts and publish. But there is a lot of difference between a blogger and a successful blogger. If you want to make your blog a success, here are the 5 skills that you need to excel in:

Writing skills

Even if your blog is not content based (such as an image or video blog), you will have to write something on it, at least descriptions. You should have the ability to write concisely, clearly and in a way that it does not sound forced or awkward. The content you write should be easy to read, as people will spend more time on your blog reading through them.

HTML and CSS skills

Almost all blogging platforms come with themes that you just need to install by clicking. But what if you fix something in it or give it a touch of uniqueness. For doing this, you need to have a little knowledge of HTML. By changing the codes a little can really make your blog stand out of the crowd.

People skills

You may be blogging from your own bedroom, but you will have to deal with people around the world all day. Whether you are interacting with people face to face or through comments, emailing or social media, rules for treating others do not really change. You should learn how to treat people well, trust trustworthy people, talk comfortably with strangers and work online with them easily.

Imaging editing skills

Primary medium for blogging is most text, but you may need to work with images as well. Whether you want to add a logo to your blog, insert an image into your post or create a new avatar for your profile, you will have to edit images and apply them. Therefore, you need to understand basics of image editing at least, such as correcting, cropping, resizing, reformatting and making other simple changes in images. To do such editing, you do not need to be a Photoshop wizard, but you should be able to make such changes yourself.

Social networking skills

You do not need to have an obsession for social networking, but you should at least know how to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Such sites can prove to be extremely helpful in promoting your blog and encouraging others to spread your blog around.

Another basic skill that you need to have before starting blogging is computer skill. If you are using Internet and planning to run a blog, you already have basic knowledge of computer, but additional skills can be an added plus. You do not need to know how to replace your computer’s hard drive, but knowing how to use a computer well can really help. Even if you already have these skills, you should always take things to next levels through education and practice. Once you have all these skills, nothing would be able to stop you to become a successful blogger.


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