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Monday, February 26, 2018

WordPress is one of the most popular and most efficient blogging platforms out there. Apart from being user-friendly, free of cost and feature-rich, WordPress is also recommended because it has a multitude of plug-ins to download in order to make your blogging experience a much easier and faster one. LinkWithin is one such WordPress plug-in which helps in increasing your blog views and the number of minutes visitors spend on your blog. Lets get more detail about LinkWithin.

Info about LinkWithin

You must have visited some sites which contain a number of links to recommended articles or products which you can refer to once you are done on the current page. Most of these links are very addictive, and encourage you to stay on the site for a long time. LinkWithin is a WordPress plug-in that makes the process of including such links very easy. All you have to do is to enter your blog’s information and paste a few code lines. For a majority of bloggers, this widget proves to be a nearly-perfect solution.

How LinkWithin works?

The functionality of LinkWithin is pretty straightforward. Just visit their website, enter your blog details, and as per your blogging platform, you either install a plug-in or copy and paste an embed code into your template. Once you have done that, your site starts getting spidered. With the help of an algorithm, LinkWithin will start finding posts in your blog which are associated with each other. This process may consume several hours and the recommendations made during this time may not make any sense. Within a matter of 2-3 hours, the results being displayed may seem to be really good. Once such results start appearing, you will be able to see a list of recommendations at the foot of each post. Sometimes, LinkWithin may also include image for the post with each recommendation. If you do it correctly, you can create an attractive and a well-targeted content for your blog.

Benefits of using LinkWithin

The best thing about LinkWithin is that it is extremely simple to use than most other similar applications. Whether you are using the embed code or the plug-in, all you have to do is to select the available options, upload the code and wait. LinkWithin will do the entire task for you automatically. During this process, it selects relevant thumbnails and posts in your blog. Though they may not be perfect initially, the algorithms are at least as good as other related posts plug-in. Its selection of images is also very solid and relevant. Though it may take some time to index your site, you will be pleased with the results once it is done.

Finally, LinkWithin is sure to work towards increasing your page views. Once you install it on your site, you will start noticing an increase in the number of visitors visiting your site and the number of minutes visitors are staying there. The difference may not be drastic, but it is really noticeable. All in all, it is a great plug-in that works, loads fast and is really simple to use.


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